For the record

It was a busy night for Owls last night.
Heard a Tawny as I drifted off to sleep, then got woken up by a Barn Owl that sounded really close between 3-4 this morning.

And while I’m here, just thought I would record that the Martins returned on the 16th April this year.

It’s 20th July, we’ve had hardly any rainfall since the beginning of June, it’s a summer like I remember from my childhood!



I am tying to work out what type of Owl I saw last night.

It was around 3am this morning, when this enormous elegant bird flew along in front of me, it flew along a lit road in the centre of Gloucester for a 100 or so yards in front of me as I drove along, and then headed off towards some Poplar trees. It was massive, compared to the Tawny Owls that we regularly see at home, it’s size compared to a Buzzard, slightly larger, in fact when I first glimpsed it , while travelling around a roundabout, I thought Buzzard, but as I completed my maneouver off a roundabout and squared up to it, I could look at it properly, it was clearly an owl with it’s round chunky body, and it’s enormous wing span. The underneath of it’s body and wings were clearly white.

Tawny Owl

At 8.30pm it was just starting to get dark, we were sat in the front room watching TV, but out of the window we saw a Tawny Owl land on the Telegraph Pole in the garden, it stayed for a few minutes, and then swooped down into the field. At 10pm we could still hear it out there hooting away 🙂